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For one of the best treats under 4 Euros, go to Amorino for fresh gelato. There is a large selection of flavors which often vary according to the season.  Amorino always has a few staple fruit flavors -  mango, strawberry, raspberry, mandarin, peach as well as rich chocolates, cognac, tiramisu, pistache and biscotti. Share on Facebook
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L’Epicerie Fine (Rive Gauche)

Just around the corner from Rue Cler is one of the best small epicerie shops in Paris, where you can buy olive oils, vinegars, teas, coffee, spices, high-quality canned tuna, chocolates and other specialty items.  The owner is very friendly and helpful, as are his staff.  Whenever we want something special (most recently brown sugar, […]
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La Fromagerie Cler

In the middle of Julia Child’s favorite shopping street in Paris, Rue Cler, lies La Fromagerie Cler, a must for cheese fans, with a stand on the exterior of the store showcasing many of its cheeses for sale.  As most cheese shops go, Fromagerie Cler is large, and sells an array of top artisinal cheeses from all regions […]
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La Pâtisserie Des Rêves

This fine pâtisserie on Rue du Bac — one of the most splendid blocks in all of Paris — has more the feel of a high-end fashion store than a place to buy pastries.   The first time I drove by I missed it – its sleek exterior truly looks like a boutique where you’d find trendy […]
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Champ de Mars

Under the gaze of the Eiffel Tower is a splendid park for children that most tourists miss, simply because they fail to go about half a mile towards L’Ecole Militaire.  So this remains a little exclusive haven for Parisians to enjoy. There are two main play areas for children at the park, one for little […]
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La Bonbonnière de Marie

Tucked away in a little playground in the Champs de Mars, under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, is this charming little snack shop that serves pizza, salad, hot dogs (sometimes), drinks and coffee.  With its red-checkered tablecloths and outdoor seating only, it is best during in the warmer months of spring, summer or fall, […]
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