Salon du Chocolate — Paris

logo_sdcFrom October 31 to November  4, this premier chocolate festival at Port de Versailles should not be missed by anyone who loves chocolate.   Celebrating its 22st year, all of the prestigious chocolatiers will be at this event, and a kids workshop and exhibition is held everyday from 11 am-7 pm. Special events include from the finest chocolatiers in Paris and the world.  Activities include a chocolate bookshop, workshops for children (for ages 3-12),  free pasty workshops, and a health show from some of the world’s best chocolatiers. More information can be found here.     Read More »

Lime Scooters in Paris

ari on lime scooterTraditionally, proverbial walking or the Paris metro were the transportation method of choice to get around the city. And, while Uber is now a convenience to take advantage of (much to the annoyance of Paris taxi drivers), Lime Scooters are a great and fun way to see the city.  Much like the TV show the Amazing Race, would-be users of Lime Scooters hunt for an available one on the Lime App, and a race develops who can get to one first.  On at least one occasion another person snatched one out of my hands and in another I was a step ahead of a couple to obtain my own.  The best part is these scooters are fast, reasonably safe, and except when on cobblestone streets, you can scoot around and see much more than on foot.  More information about Lime Bikes and Scooters can be found here.

Paris in the Fall

IMGP1997.JPGA new rhythm begins in Paris with la rentree, when Parisians return from their vacances, and shops re-open all spruced up after a month off.  Yes, France remains a stalwart in the European economy despite the 25 or so days of vacation that Parisians take in a year, with a good chunk of it in August.  The rush of la rentree means waiting in long lines (but be wary of people who coyly cut in front), like a hurricane is about to hit the middle of France along the Seine.  The humming of cars in the streets, the clip clop of high heels walking on the pavement, and the melodic tunes of children talking to their parents on their way to school is the pull of life you see and hear as Paris returns to normalcy. Read More »

Rock En Seine — Summer Rock Festival

rock en seine 2013The summer annual rock festival has once again provided great entertainment to wrap up a vibrant Parisian summer.  The weekend of August 24-26, come out to Parc de Saint Cloud to hear this summer’s hottest bands.   The crowds reach over 20,000 with many people camping out for all 3 days, with other activities available if you need a break from the concerts, including an area for kids.   And, of course, there is the famous festival camping.  Buy tickets now before they sell out.  Read More »

Allez Les Bleus! Where to Celebrate France’s Worldcup Win

france world cupWhen I was in France the last and only time it won the World Cup, the French were so delirious in watching their team win they asked me questions like:  “Can Americans run as fast as the French?”  This time the questions take a Trumpian tone, like:  is not France’s First Lady more beautiful than America’s?  In either case, the celebrations are on the way as France won this one with the help of a Croatian own goal and a penalty kick from an inadvertent hand ball in the first half – without making a shot on goal — not to mention a bluster by France’s goalkeeper for the ages.  So where to go?  Here are some top spots, many within reach of the Champs de Mars. Read More »

Jardin des Tuileries — Summer Carnival

If you have wandered near the Louvre or Jardin des Tuileries lately, you will notice an exciting addition on the rue du Rivoli wing, and a rather large one at that! La Fête Foraine is the temporary summer carnival implanted by le mairie of Paris for those looking for an entertaining night out with the kidsWith over 60 attractions, this fête includes a Ferris wheel, climbing wall, trampolines, merry-go-rounds, games, and sweets like cotton candy (“barbe a papa”, which means old man’s beard), crêpes, gaufres (waffles), beignets, churros (one of the only times you will find these on the streets of Paris!), guimauves (marshmallows), caramel apples (pomme d’amour, which means apple of love) and more.  It lasts through August 26. Read More »